Cookies (Unfinished)

Here is a list of the cookies that may be set when you visit, along with description of what they are used for and duration of them.

Session Cookie (PHPSESSID)
This cookie contains a randomly generated number and is used for authentication when logging in to or using - this cookie is integral to the security of your account when using and we strongly recommend that all visitors accept this cookie.
Duration: expires at end of browsing session

Homepage Cookie (homepage)
This cookie is used to remember which user is logged in, to view private 'bookmarks' when on the 'Homepage'-page. This makes it possible for the user to use the private homepage-links without logging in first! (Note: The homepage-page is not linked to anywhere but here!)
Duration: 30 days

Background Cookie (bg)
When this cookie times out, you will get another background!
Duration: 1 hour

* Cookie is set